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How to display different content in left/right eye?

hex4b6f757461hex4b6f757461 Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Unity Development
Using SDK : Oculus Integration for Unity - 1.41
Using Game Engine : Unity 2019.2.11f1
Using devise : Oculus Rift

I'm thinking of showing different content on the left and right eye displays as the title says.

Is it possible to achieve using OVRCamerarig?

The reason for displaying different content for the left and right eyes is
Taking panorama images using two RICOH THETA, I plan to split the two shot images into two spheres in Unity
and display Sphere 1 on the right eye and Sphere 2 on the left eye.


  • WeitinWeitin Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    You can use the camera's culling mask on the leftEyeAnchor & rightEyeAnchor. Assign your sphere to a layer, and set one eye's culling mask to render that layer.
    Wei Tin Yuen, VR Developer  B)
    Toronto, Canada
  • hex4b6f757461hex4b6f757461 Posts: 2
    Thank you. It was possible to realize.
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