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Oculus Integration for iOS Unity 3D

I have a project running in android for oculus go in development phase using oculus integration SDK for unity. When i switch platform for ios to build an application to be played on oculus go for iphone, i cannot add VR supported device in project settings. There are only two options in XR setting Vr supported devices which are cardboard and none. Please let me know if i can build an IPA(ios build) for an iphone and can run oculus go applicaiton on it. 

Thanks in advance


  • virtualHCGvirtualHCG Posts: 52
    Hiro Protagonist
    I don't think there's such thing as Oculus Go for iPhone. The Oculus Go is a self contained hardware headset that runs Android, not the name of an application. I don't think there are any Oculus SDKs that work on iOS. There's an Oculus app for iOS but that's just for managing your headsets and app purchases not to convert the iPhone into a VR viewer.
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