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UE 4.24 - Auto-instancing on Mobile

aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 226 Oculus Start Member
edited November 8 in Unreal Development
As pre the release notes so far:

Mobile Updates:
  • Auto-instancing on Mobile (Experimental). We are planning to support the auto-instancing feature of the HLR on mobile devices for improved performance due to reduced draw calls. This functions the same as desktop auto-instancing, but it uses a texture instead of a buffer due to limitations on Mali devices, which can only support a buffer of 64 kb..

Will this work with mobileVR and multiview? Anyone been able to test it yet?
(currently P1 is instantly crashing for any VR related project on my side)


  • motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,435 Oculus Start Member
    Did you mean UE 4.24 ?
  • aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 226 Oculus Start Member
    motorsep said:
    Did you mean UE 4.24 ?
    I did indeed thanks for the catch
  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 125 Oculus Start Member
    edited November 8
    Tried with 4.24.0 p1 on the Quest, using mobile multiview - still individual drawcalls when analyzing in Renderdoc.
    Same when MobileMultiview is disabled.
    HISM's do work though if you set them up yourself in an actor (just like in 4.23).

    Also, the splash screen (Oculus VR settings) is still broken (same as in 4.23).
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