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Plugin 'OculusVR' failed to load because module 'OculusEditor' could not be loaded.

tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 47
Brain Burst
edited November 2019 in Unreal Development
I updated our Engine source to 4.23, and now we get this error when starting the Editor.  If I open the project with Visual Studio and compile everything, then I don't get the error.  But for users without Visual Studio, this is not a solution.  Anyone know what causes this?  It looks to me like the plugin is being rebuilt when we rebuild the engine and/or game.  The module engine association is the same as the engine's.  I don't get why this error is happening.


  • simonlashleysimonlashley Posts: 1
    We were getting this issue when the Engine\Binaries\Win64\Android folder wasn't getting added to perforce, the OculusEditor relies on some of the Android modules, not sure if maybe the non VS users don't have these files?
  • tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    OH MY GOD - thank you!  This was driving me insane.  Thanks so much for replying.
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