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Issue with very dark video capture of my app

joakim-johanssonjoakim-johansson Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Oculus Go Development
I'm having an issue with recording gameplay for a game I'm developing for the Oculus GO. When I play it everything is fine, but when I watch the gameplay recorded through the headset it is very, very dark. It's driving me crazy! I' using Unity 2019.2.9f1 and Oculus Integration 1.41. In the first image below we see the unity loading screen. It is actually light gray, but looks like this in the video. And in the second image we can se a scene in game which is supposed to be pretty light, but its barely visible. This happens as soon as I enter my app, not in the Oculus menu itself. And footage of other apps seems to work fine too...
Thankful for any help I can get!
Best regards


  • joakim-johanssonjoakim-johansson Posts: 2
    UPDATE: found a temporary solution by mirroring my gameplay to my computer via adb, and capture the audio separately. This displays the image as it should. Although, not a very nice solution...
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