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Color Grading on Quest?

Hi everyone,
The question is in the title, there was a video about porting Rift games to Quest, the discussion was about  a way of using LUT textures in the material for color grading, does anyone know the way it can be done using UE4 material editor? Thanks


  • vikneshtkvikneshtk Posts: 12
    I am not sure about using LUT Textures for color grading. But unreal officially support color grading through their post process effects. Can you be more specific on which part or why u need color grading?
  • Barzum_01Barzum_01 Posts: 7
    Unfortunately on Quest the default post process is not working, it needs mobile HDR to be enabled,  mobile HDR is no go acording to documentation
  • vikneshtkvikneshtk Posts: 12
    Are you sure?. Because unreal have a separate documentation on post process effects that are compatible with mobile devices. I have the link but I am unable to paste it here as my profile is not yet reached higher badge level to do that. So pseudo coding the link here.  
  • Barzum_01Barzum_01 Posts: 7
    Yep unfortunately, for mobile PP "please make sure that Mobile HDR is enabled"
    And here is from Oculus docs
    "Scroll to the Engine section, select Rendering, and make sure Mobile HDR is turned off:"
    With HDR on I have instant crash on my app

  • rasamayarasamaya Posts: 13
    Yes this is crazy I cant even white balance. This needs to be addressed asap
  • HalfspacerHalfspacer Posts: 85 Oculus Start Member
    edited January 2
    What the OC video talked about was using a batch script to apply a LUT to all your project textures. The idea is that rather than using post processing effects to grade (Expensive on mobile), you bake the grade directly into your textures - Which then gives you a similar (enough) result that's also completely free in terms of performance. 

    edit If I remember correctly, the talk recommended taking a screenshot from your game and grading that to your liking in Photoshop, saving the grade as a LUT and then applying that LUT to all the individual textures.
  • remozremoz Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    I wouldn't use the PostProcess Volume at all when deploying to the Quest or even to the Rift. It's to expensive. My latest tests who a significant FPS drop - it's to expensive. I guess it's best to set your color-tones without using PPV and then deploy from there.
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