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UE4 + Quest : FPS drop when running a release version of the app for the second time

The first time a shipping version of the app is launched, everything runs fine and we're hitting 72fps on the Oculus Quest. However, immediately after a restart of the app, there's always a consistent drop in framerate (~10fps lost)

This seems to happen only when we create a release version for distribution, and not when we build a regular shipping build. 

Has anyone else noticed this happening ? 

FYI we're running the Oculus branch of Unreal Engine 4.22.1
Quest build settings for Arm64+ES3.1


  • eman_vreman_vr Posts: 2
    Same thing happening for me on a Unity build. Did you find the culprit?
  • remozremoz Posts: 74
    Hiro Protagonist
    • does this also happen to you when you just deploy it to the Quest?
    • is it actually checked by default "create a release verison...", or did you manually add it?
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