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Why does turning off OVROverlay or removing it does not remove the overlay effect?

I'm working on a touch interface in VR. To get better graphics of the "screen" in world-space (which are basically printscreens) I use OVROverlay and LocalAvatarWithGrab to interact with the touchscreen. Problem is that screens with Overlay render through the hands despite being in front of the screen. Why turning off OVROverlay script does not work?  


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 780
    To fix overlays always rendering on top you need to enable the depth buffer. If using unity this is enabled under xr settings -> vr skd's ->oculus -> shared depth buffer.
    As for them not turning off, not sure whats going on there. How are you disabling it?
  • AuroraM5AuroraM5 Posts: 2
    edited November 28
    I tried disabling MeshRenderer alone, MeshRenderer in combination with disabling OVROverlay script. I also tried removing OVROverlay from the GameObject, which didn't remove the overlay effect. What worked though, is to have to sets of Quads: one set with OVROverlay and one without. When the hand gets in front of the overlay, I switch off both OVROverlay and MeshRenderer for the Quad and then turn on the Quad with same texture but without OVROverlay. 

    Also, Shared Depth Buffer amd Dash Support aren't available when targeting mobile. 
    I'm using Unity 2018.4.8f1.
  • thewhiteambitthewhiteambit Posts: 304
    They broke this feature half a year ago and nobody but me cared. I am to frustrated with oculus sdk development now. We had to pull a lot of new features from our product because we were using Overlays with depth. Don't expect this to be fixed by oculus.
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