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Issues Regarding GazeTarget.cs: Game Plays Flawlessly in Editor, but not in Build

wasanhwasanh Posts: 1
I'm close to completing my first Gaze and Click simulator, which simulates an interview with two virtual personalities. 

The game was made with Fungus, a free visual flowchart creator from the Unity asset store.

In the editor I can choose my option with the gaze pointer and select it with the A button on the right touch controller. When I build my game, the gaze cursor no longer appears, and I cannot select anything. I'm a 3D artist by trade and my coding isn't very strong, so I have trouble figuring out what the issue is.

Game Engine: Unity 2018.4.4f1
Oculus SDK: Unsure?

Output log crash report:
Uploading Crash Report
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.WriteInt32 (System.IntPtr ptr, System.Int32 val) [0x0000d] in <1cc141e219f7479c97cfdd69a39cd92f>:0 
  at Oculus.Avatar.CAPI.ovrAvatar_UpdateGazeTargets (ovrAvatarGazeTargets targets) [0x00001] in D:\GAMES\HappyFunTimeForOculus DRAFT 2\Assets\Oculus\Avatar\Scripts\OvrAvatarSDKCAPI.cs:1431 
  at GazeTarget.UpdateGazeTarget () [0x00035] in D:\GAMES\HappyFunTimeForOculus DRAFT 2\Assets\Oculus\Avatar\Scripts\GazeTarget.cs:43 
  at GazeTarget.Start () [0x00001] in D:\GAMES\HappyFunTimeForOculus DRAFT 2\Assets\Oculus\Avatar\Scripts\GazeTarget.cs:19 
(Filename: <1cc141e219f7479c97cfdd69a39cd92f> Line: 0)
What would I need to do to make the gaze cursor appear when I build my game?

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