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UE4 Characters do not show up in Quest

Are there any limitations regarding character setups from Unreal Engine? Characters that I've used for other projects don't show up in Quest. Are there any guidelines out there? I have not found anything specific for character setups in UE4 for Oculus Quest. My characters simply don't show up once the project launches on Quest. It is really weird


  • Sata-3DSata-3D Posts: 5
    is posible than the 4 vertex share limit of the skin modifier in max, in android, you can see in the vieport in your pc but when you export to android the skin bone system is gone and the character dont be showed when you launch in android
  • cesar3dartistcesar3dartist Posts: 12
    edited December 2019
    Hi @Sata-3D . I solved it by allowing ES 3.1 support on my UE4 project. It was set to ES 2.0 before. I hope this helps anyone that is having the same issue. 

  • cesar3dartistcesar3dartist Posts: 12
    I'm still getting these, but I think that is because I still have ES 2.0 checked on. Do you know if my project will be affected if I check it OFF? This project is just for Oculus Quest and nothing else

  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 195 Oculus Start Member
    Better move to ES3.1 completely. ES2 will be deprecated in 4.24.
  • Sata-3DSata-3D Posts: 5
    i think if you use es2 will me more compatible whit old android devices, but if is only for quest only 3.1 will be fine :)
    i have a problem whit the preview vieport, you have the same ?

    i make a blank proyect to test this.
    when i make a blank proyect i put the preview in ES3.1 (takes like 20 mins to make the preview )
    and the light is more bright in some areas than the standar preview, and when i compile scene for android the game looks like the ES3.1 preview ( more bright )

    i remember in a old version of unreal i dont have that problem
    someone have the same issue or maybe i make a error in something ?

    someone can replicate this, maybe my config machine is bad
    please help me what is the problem and what i can do ?

  • remozremoz Posts: 69
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited February 13
    this is strange. I also tested this last week. I loaded a Paragon Character with all the biped system. The Character works fine when using Unreal 4.24.2 by default using Shader Model 5. But after deploying to the Quest and even running a Preview with ES3.1 - the character does not show up.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks for any little hint, appreciate it!

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