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Oculus Go ovr-platform-util error SDK

I need to upload a project for Oculus Go in Sdk 21.
But i received this message when i upload the apk: Android Target SDK version is 21, but should be 23 or greater (targetSdkVersion in AndroidManifest.xml).

I have to use the app with the SDK 21.

In the previus version of app i haven't this problem when i upload with ovr-platform-util.

Has anyone had the same problem?




  • WsOculusWsOculus Posts: 10
    I resolve this problem:

    "API 23 removed org.org.apache.http from the standard package and moved it to optional. Unfortunately, it also removed some depreciated API calls which Google's APK expansion downloader depends on (we use it for OBB download)"

    when i package for Oculus Go i increment Target SDK Version to 23.

    And i check Disable verify OBB on first Start/Update.

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