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OVRHaptics causing dropped frames.

within_tomswithin_toms Posts: 1
edited December 2019 in Unity Development

I've recently run into an issue where OVRHaptics is causing my application to drop frames. The issue seems to be OVRHaptics calling a function called Config.Load() every 0.5s or so. The function is heavy and causes a ~10ms spike. I would assume a function like this would only be intended to be called once during a setup or awake.

So far this issue is only occurring on a single PC running the project on Rift via the Unity editor. I've been unable to reproduce the issue on my main machine.

Anyone have any idea about what's going on?

Here's some information about the system in question.
Unity Release: 2018.4.10f1
Oculus Integration: 1.42.0

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