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Oculus Integration Plugin 1.43 broken on Unity 2019.2.x & need a Fix for 1.42

rivieregriviereg Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member

We are developing on Unity 2019.2.X on Rift//Go & Gear VR2. With Go & Gear VR, the unity Oculus Integration 1.43 is completely broken.

For Gear VR2 we had to go back to 1.39 for a 'working' plugin, but with this version we had a rendering (flickering) issue. We had to compare 1.42 & 1.39 on an Android Export to finally fix this version. 1.43 was not working for additional reasons and we had to basically use 1.42. 

Our main issue was (for version >= 1.40) the complete disappearance of launch icon on Android for Gear VR. It was possible to launch the app with adb shell but not from the phone screen icon. This issue was in the gradle generation script of Oculus Integration and it can be fixed:

Script : OVRGradleGeneration.cs 
Line : 199 to 206 
Fix : Comment out everything between 199 and 206 :

//foreach (XmlElement e in nodeList)
// string attr = e.GetAttribute("name", androidNamepsaceURI);
// if (attr == "android.intent.category.LAUNCHER")
// {
// e.SetAttribute("name", androidNamepsaceURI, "android.intent.category.INFO");
// }

@Oculus Unity Plugin Team: Please fix 1.43, it's really terrible on the Unity Asset Store. In the future generation of the plugin, please do not remove the LAUNCHER setting in the Manifest for Gear VR as it will remove the launcher icon from the Android screen.

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