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Oculus Browser and Streaming audio error glitch sound static

AuracleAuracle Posts: 2
Here's what's happening
The audio of the Oculus Browser is getting all glitched out IF the browser is in "Fullscreen VR" mode and the sound is distorted ONLY on the streaming (Not tested without Fullscreen, sound might not work at all)
PLEASE NOTE The audio works on the browser Mozilla Experience, but the website wasn't made for Mozilla Experience, so I have a problem either way. Fixing Oculus browser seems the logic option.

Examples of non working sound Oculus Browser Here at 2:40 bit.ly/38MeEUa or Here at 4:56 bit.ly/2Q9Sz9N
Example of working sound Mozilla Experience Here at 17:05 bit.ly/35vQfAk

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