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New lights in the dark fog of Quest LBVR development

In the recent weeks I found 3 Teams who already made a similar local multiplayer game with Quest as Oculus promoted the Quest on the Connect event with Dead'n'Buried. The Canadian Phenomena made a game named Versus. It's a "lasertag" shooter game for 1vs1 up to 4vs4 players or maybe more. They using a PC as a server with no internet connection, and the quests connected to this via wifi. There is a team in Vietnam, I have no info about them. And I found an article about a company from New-Zeland on the STUFF dot CO dot NZ site. I'm new here, can't share the links, but here is some names for googling: Phenomena - Verus VR Laser Tag; Oddball - The company from Wellington; Holomia XR - Mission X from Vietnam(Youtube...) .

So there is some light in the mystique of Quest based local multiplayer development. Searching for this knowledge and asking people about this is my daily routine now.
Is there anyone who found any usable documentation, technical blueprint to set up this thing in unity? Do you know someone, who know something? Do you know other teams or companies who break this wall already? Please share the info. Hi5 fam!


  • rasamayarasamaya Posts: 13
    Can you articulate the part your not confident about? Can you transfer data over network? Yes, can you do multi-player, yes. Is it a specific task you digging for?
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