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Oculus Team, Congrats on Quest and a Request

ByToriousByTorious Posts: 93
Hiro Protagonist

Dear Oculus Team,

Congratulations on the launch of the Quest earlier this year and for the highly successful sales campaign over the holiday season. You have brought VR to the masses and as a user and developer I am extremely grateful!

Your support of the Quest has been absolutely outstanding with constant updates on performance and tracking along with the added new features such as Hand Tracking and the Oculus Link. You have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time since the launch of Quest. 

Thank you very much!!

Now for a humble request. I am not only a developer but I also own and operate a Location Based VR (LBV) venue with several VR stations and Escape Rooms. I also have available over 5000 sqft of open space for arena scale VR. To a large extent I started this venue because of the Dead and Buried Arena demonstration shown at OC5 along with the other VR Sports demos. The potential of the Quest in this space is enormous! Not only in entertainment but in training, education and even social engagements.

Several companies, including mine, are working on Arena Scaly content but the major hurdle is shared space tracking. Some are using home grown solutions using Azure Spacial Markers with external cameras attached and others have created sensors attached to to the Quest headset with IR emitters embedded in floor mats. Others, like myself, are developing zero point calibration schemes. 

What we really need is for the Oculus Team to work with developers and finally release an Arena Scale API that works for everyone. Just allowing the passthrough camera on demand which was supposed to be released by the end of the year would be very beneficial in zero point calibration setups. 

Please make this a priority for early 2020. 

Thank you,

Neo Technologist - XR Developer - Rift/Rift S/Quest
Unity 3D - 3DS Max - Adobe Cloud - iClone
MSI GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro
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