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Hand tracking glitch after copying assets from HandsInteractionTrainScene and moving their position.

I copied the following assets to my own scene:
  • OVRCameraRig
  • Hands
  • InteratableToolsSDKDriver
I subsequently move all of them to another position simultaneously. After build, I can see that my hands/fingers are tracked but they are stretched to such an extent that they are unrecognizable. (Something alike to a upside down, blue spider with extremely long legs) They respond to my hand movements well and appear in the place of the OVR example I copied the assets from. My understanding is that I cannot move the Hands prefab from its position or something similar. But what is the source of the stretching?

Unity 2018.4.8f1
Oculus Integration 12.0

Kind regards


  • AuroraM5AuroraM5 Posts: 4
    I rebuilt the scene where I didn't move any of the above game objects and it worked fine. However, it's good to know that that some of them aren't supposed to be moved. 
  • ChaplatoChaplato Posts: 4
    This happened to me on the day I tried to build hand tracking in my own game. I spawned in the hand objects, and since my character was not initially on 0,0,0, I tried to move the hands to which it caused them to do the same thing described. 
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