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Is there a way to switch mode between hand tracking and controllers through the SDK? - Unity C#

WonkeeKimWonkeeKim Posts: 1

I am developing a Quest app for a client using Unity3D and Oculus Integration.
My client wants to use a hand tracking but still wants to use controllers at some points.
Currently, to switch the mode, I need to back to the Lobby and toggle the hands/controllers mode in the settings.
But is there a way to switch the mode through C# so I can switch it without exiting the app? Like when you push a button on controllers, you can use hand tracking, and then with a gesture, you can back to the controller mode.
If there is not, it would be really great to have it so people can switch it in the app.

Thank you.


  • kexuejiakexuejia Posts: 1
    Excuse me, has this problem been solved?I have the same problem
  • CXVRCXVR Posts: 1
    No, I haven't found a way to do this yet. Maybe current Oculus Integration doesn't have it.
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