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Is there a version of LipSync compatible with Unreal 4.24.1?

LobakiGoLobakiGo Posts: 2
In the Version Compatibility Reference, it says version 1.4.0 of the OVR LipSync Plugin will work with 4.24.1 Release, but I can't get it to compile.  Same with version 1.4.3.
Is there going to be an update soon?


  • LobakiGoLobakiGo Posts: 2
    So, got 1.4.3 to compile in Unreal 4.24.1 by deleting Classes Folder prefix and some of the Header files.
    Live Actor works with OVRLipSync.  Unfortunately, the local Mic input controls both Visemes in a Multiplayer experience.
    i.e. My voice controls the mouth movement of both my and other player's avatar on my end.
    On other player's end, HIS mic controls both my Avatar and theirs.
    Gotta be an extra step to define which Owning Player's Mic is read by the Possessed Actor.

    Any suggestions?
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