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Controller completely disconnected from headset after a few minutes of inactivity? Issue for Dev

KashluviKashluvi Posts: 2
Oculus Go Controller completely disconnected from the headset after a few minutes of inactivity.
Only solution is a hard reboot since the controller does not allow selecting the power off option and won't reconnect to headset.
It is a major issue when developing content for the Oculus Go since often time the headset needs to be put down on the desk for like 15 or 20 minutes and then put back on for testing purpose.

Is there a way, maybe a setting, that will favor always on connectivity between the controller and the headset for development purpose?
Even if it means lower battery life. Obviously battery life is not relevant in the context of developing content for the headset? I would rather stack batteries than have to hard reboot the headset 30 times a day.

What do you use for testing WebXR content developed for Oculus Go?
I tried WebXR API Emulator of Chrome and Firefox but the gismo/controls are a nightmare to use, so kudos to them for there effort but it is not ready for to be used as a quick and realiable tool for Dev testing...

Let me know?

Best Wishes for 2020 to all!


  • StimmitsStimmits Posts: 7
    Brain Burst
    I don't know of a setting to force an "always on" connection between the controllers. I do know a 'there-i-fixed-it' solution though; that is taping one of the buttons down that you don't use in your application. This way the input is always active and keeps the connection alive. Not the best solution, far of it, but hey - I guess it might work?
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