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How to set up Unity Quest hand tracking development workflow?

jphilippjphilipp Posts: 28
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edited January 11 in Oculus Quest Development
Hi! I want to develop a hand tracking prototype, but what's the workflow?

I've got an Anker cable and successfully set up the Oculus Link connection from Windows to my Oculus Quest, on which I also successfully upgraded and opted in to the experimental hand tracking, so I can use my hands fine. But when I establish the Link connection, it apparently switches to the Rift UI, which removes the Hands feature and goes back to controllers. Thus, now when I run the HandTest scene by Oculus -- where OVRCameraRig is properly set to "Hands Only" or "Controllers and Hands" -- I do not get any Hands during my Unity-editor live running of the app. (Unity is latest stable 2019.3.0f1, Platform switched to Android build.) The Hand prefabs are properly available in the scene.

What to do? Many thanks!
- Anyland dev -


  • jphilippjphilipp Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    I figure I'm going about this wrongly, and need go the ADB route.
    - Anyland dev -
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