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Record audio from microphone - issues accessing microphone in Oculus Quest

justin.luojustin.luo Posts: 2

I am trying to record audio from the Quest's microphone, save that audio, and then play it back at a later time in the game.

That being said, I'm having issues accessing audio from the Quest's microphone. I've looked at this discussion which suggests looking at the OVRLipSyncMicInput script from Oculus SDK. I've tried that and got a version working in Unity that records audio and plays it back right away, but once I load it onto my Oculus Quest I get issues.

The issue in the Quest seems to be that the Android microphone seems to be turning on automatically and I don't know what is turning it on in this script. I've also attached my Android Manifest if there could be an issue with that. If anyone had any experience working with the Quest's microphone in Unity, that would be great if you could shed some light on this situation :)

Here's my MicManager script (altered from OVRLipSyncMicInput):  drive.google.com/open?id=1pU3eHvSrmBEm9TpTL39wF6ee-MzaNVD9
And here's my Android Manifest XML: drive.google.com/open?id=1pU3eHvSrmBEm9TpTL39wF6ee-MzaNVD9

Links to Google Drive

 :) Thank you!

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