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Where the hell is my order?!?!?!

ekuemt49601ekuemt49601 Posts: 2
I ordered the Oculus Quest Vader 64GB and it gave me my order number but it’s not showing up in my orders. It said it would ship by February 24th and I ordered it December 29th. I have waited two weeks and no status on the delivery. All I want to know is my order status, I can’t tell if you’ve took my money or if my order has been placed. I would like to hear back on [email protected] my order number is 61302941722939


  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 171 Oculus Start Member
    Better send a message to Oculus directly instead of posting on a dev forum. See here;.

  • ekuemt49601ekuemt49601 Posts: 2
    Did this with no reply!!!!!
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 96 Oculus Start Member
    Currently Oculus Is really swamped with orders and other development/store submissions and lots of things. please give them time to get to you. many people are experiencing delays atm. Also it says it ships February 24th. this is still January. You will get a confirmation once your quest ships. I know you want to play and it is understandable. you are going to love the headset just wait and they will get back to you asap. they are backlogged a lot so give them some more time <3
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 96 Oculus Start Member
    @NinjaGG If you could help now would be a great time :)
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