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Really DESPERATE to get NDK working in some architecture !

GilesGoatGilesGoat Posts: 151
Hiro Protagonist
I am really getting to a point of DESPAIR, I cannot make any more Android Studio / NDK work in ANY way on any machine.

It seems it "mysteriously stopped working" no matter what build.gradle I try to open/use would never compile a thing.

Also tried to re-install EVERYTHING on Windows following all the steps I always get the same conclusion, "any time you try to compile you get some errors".

I am TOTALLY DESPERATE, is anyone that managed to get this NDK working on windows, or anywhere, and compile some of the VRAPIs Samples and have it run on the Quest ?

Any info/help you could give me would be appreciated !

As I side note I managed to make my Vulkan stuff work on Oculus Rift, but that's becuase "it all work in Visual Studio", I had not many problems at all there to copy/modify/add/compile/run stuff in there.

I'll do one more try, I have an older laptop running Windows 8.1 .. maybe I'll be more lucky there ?

I don't know at this point I'd just be happy to have SOMETHING that works/can push code in the Oculus Quest.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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