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In need of a headset. Would Oculus donate?

BrejaiahBrejaiah Posts: 3
Hi guys,
I am currently writing a speech over Virtual Reality and the effects it has on the brain. I have already reached out to many different bushiness, and got some answers I was looking for. Along with needing a speech, I also need some kind of Visual Aid to go along with it. (This is for a tournament I have in a few weeks, PS-I'm on Central High Schools' speech and debate team. Thought I would throw that in there)I was thinking that an Oculus Quest would be the absolute perfect example for the evolution of Virtual Reality, since that is something else I hit within the speech. I am not just asking this so I can get a free headset of course, but I seriously do need some kind of Visual Aid to go along with this, and as I just said an Oculus Quest would be nice, however, any headset would do fine with me. I love Virtual Reality, but as a 15 year old, I cannot actually afford one to use. This is why I have been asking around Oculus if they would be willing to donate a headset so that I can use it, not in my free time, but for this speech. So I bring the question to you all, since I still have not gotten a reply from Oculus(Yes I understand it takes time.) would Oculus donate me a headset(of any kind, but preferably a quest) so that I can use it in my speech AND also use their product as a primary example, and talk about how great the company is, becuse I do actually believe it is one of the best out there. Also if anyone here has any ideas to add to the speech, or fun little facts about Virtual Reality, email them to me at [email protected] 
Thanks in advance


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 998
    edited January 15
    only chance of getting free hardware is through the developer start program

    And even then you'l likely only get a rift if they approve your application

    If you really need a visual example, just get a cardboard setup, thats more than enough for what you're describing
  • BrejaiahBrejaiah Posts: 3
    Ok, I know it sounds like I just want a headset, so its understandable. I guess i will just stick to cardboard for now. Anyways, thank you so much for answering!
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