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WebVr development

I'm trying to develop some vr visualization with hotspots to launch videos, display text and images in an Oculus like Krpano software.
I need to display it on the web, I tried with firefox, it works for 1 day and now when I try to use the helmet, I have no video, just the head mouvements work .
(win 10 x64 , firefox 72, aframe, babylon)
I tried to uninstall both firefox and oculus, I tried on a new windows install on another computer with windows seven, the same...
I think that's an update problem, but I can't resolve this issu.
So my questions : 
- Have you experienced the same thing, have you found a solution ?
- If you use webvr what is your development softwares.
- I want to learn to use unreal engine too but I need webvr display at this time, is it possible to display / convert a unreal engine project?

Thank you for your help


  • iom44iom44 Posts: 3
    Nobody ?
    Is WebVR a dead end ? Am I wrong somewhere ?
  • iom44iom44 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your HELP, I didn't know that Oculus community was so helpful,  a good proof that we are in the communication age....
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