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Refund not received

krandalkrandal Posts: 1
I sent the item back and it was signed for by AKRATZ on 12/18 @ 10:03AM, I have still not received my refund. This has been a nightmare. I have yet another oculus quest to return because I did not think you received my 2nd order which was the replacement from the rift I ordered in error that I still haven't received my money on. All of this could have been prevented had the company had a phone number where you can actually speak to someone. I am to scared to ask for a return on the 3 order as I have not received my refund on the 1st. I updated the service ticket on Sunday and here we sit on Thursday and no one has reached out to me. Here I sit with spending over $1200 trying to get 1 item. Yes the 1st was an error on my part but who would have thought that you can not get someone on the phone to correct the issue. I literally reached out the day I placed the 1st order and realized that i had mad a mistake to stop the order and order the correct one... and here I sit still dealing with this issues since Dec 2... My phone number is 770-362-3766 if anyone knows how to reach a person I would greatly appreciate it. 
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