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Has anyone seen any guidance or documentation on how to use a custom mesh with handtracking?

alex.chesseralex.chesser Posts: 9
Hey All, 

I've been playing around with hand tracking, along with arm and body presence using IK.  I'm hoping there's someone out there who has some seen some information or documentation on how to go about swapping out the Oculus provided Hands used in hand tracking with your own model.

So far I've got the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__bBJpAmNfY which, in terms of the arms and body are "OK" but the next step there is to get each of the underlying model's fingers to move and animate with the OVRHandPrefab 

Anyone have some idea on where to start there?

Best Answer

  • alex.chesseralex.chesser Posts: 9
    edited January 24 Accepted Answer
    Hey @MikeF I actually figured this out the other day, here’s a link to the unity forum post where I explain in detail. With code samples and video. It’s obviously more proof of concept than finished product, but it would be enough to get you moving on something. 


    feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions about it.


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 869
    edited January 16
    Would also like some info on this. Oculus should really be providing a bridge between hand tracking and avatar hands since there's going to be a bunch of legacy games that will have to write custom systems to deal with this if they want to support hand tracking. Not likely though given that oculus avatars are no longer being worked on
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 869
    Thanks @alex.chesser great to see some progress, ill check out that link
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