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Oculus Platform Command Line Utility

Architect3DArchitect3D Posts: 5
Hello, can anyone help with my issue of uploading to the store?
I uploaded the game to the server using the oculus Platform Command Line Utility.
After Validating build.... A server error occurred.  The request will be retried.

Not sure what is wrong, please help

We are trying to upload a new game made with Oculus Go


  • rh_galaxyrh_galaxy Posts: 121 Oculus Start Member
    I don't know the error, but as a solution couldn't you upload manually by the web?

    https://dashboard.oculus.com/ 'Manage Builds' page for your app? At least that's what I do for my Rift game.
  • Architect3DArchitect3D Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean when you say manually by the web.  When using the oculus site to upload with the build button, the file needs to be less than 200mb.  We get an error message to upload game with command-line utility.   Our game is 550mb. How did you upload your rift game with the upload button, is your game small?

  • rh_galaxyrh_galaxy Posts: 121 Oculus Start Member

    Mine is a 450MB zip file that I upload with the dashboard web. I have no build button for doing uploads. Maybe it works different with the rift than with the GO. Maybe you can't do it from the web?
  • Architect3DArchitect3D Posts: 5
    edited January 22
    The Go is a mobile platform, so it's limited with size. Go products must be 200-300mb max upload with the dashboard method shown in your picture.  Our game is 500mb so we had to use the recommended command-line utility tool.
    Thanks for your help, we have contacted support and its been over 3 weeks no reply.

    Can someone help me get past this error
  • Architect3DArchitect3D Posts: 5
    UPDATE: It turns out you need to set up the android key signing package.

    for more info, search How to sign ue4 android package on google or unrealengine wiki.
    thank you to the author for that
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 122 Oculus Start Member
    it always says this error. just let it keep going it will continue to upload. it does this when your connection is slow
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