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Need help witth Rift S!

johnny.wloszczynajohnny.wloszczyna Posts: 2
Hello! I have tried everything! I have bought every usb hub posible I have done the device manager thing .I have done the power management thing with disabling and I have restarted it . Tried rebooting oculus and also reinstalled oculus app. I have adjusted the plug on the headset and I also by accident removed the headset and now cant re add it . I used to have the power surge alert but not anymore . It should be working fine I have had 0 issues until I removed the usb hub one time and when trying it again hours later it didn't work. I have a updated graphics card that meets system requirements and has a good working display port and that is plugged in and working . I have tried everything and need help! Please help me someone!!! 


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