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OVRGrabber and OVRGrabbable offset when grabbing

AGTDigitalAGTDigital Posts: 17
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edited January 24 in Unity Development

I had an application in which I could catch objects using two scripts: OVRGrabber, OVRGrabbable.

It was working very well 1 or 2 weeks ago, but since very recently, I can't say when exactly, it doesn't work anymore after I updated the SDK I did to see the "Hand Tracking" SDK.
What happens is that as soon as I try to catch the object, the object makes a translation behind me and doesn't move as long as I catch it, as soon as I release it, it falls down.

The gameobjects in my objects are not the children of another gameobject, so the offset has nothing to do with parentage.

I've exactly follow the instruction in this tutorial on Youtube (I can't post link...) : 
Unity Tutorial : VR, Oculus Avatar and Grabbing Object setup IN 5 MINUTES

Here are the components that are on my left hand, right hand and on an object to catch : 

Object : 

Left hand anchor :

Right hand anchor:

I already try to play with "Is Trigger" parameter but nothing was better.

Hope someone got a solution ! 


  • x1xx1x Posts: 7
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    I was having trouble with this (Unity 2020.1, Oculus Integration v18, Rift). I ripped everything (OVRCameraRig and descendants) out and rebuilt according to the video you mentioned. It works great now. I was able to fine-tune the grabber collider by adjusting it's center and radius, to a small sphere at the tip of the index finger. The only problem I noticed is that if I don't activate my headset and try to work from the screen, the controllers become useless; the hands still track, but nothing else works. I hope this helps.
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