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Possible to create a background app that shows notifications (like low-battery/wifi-status notifs)?

A pain point of using the Quest (or any VR, I suppose) with headphones is that you don't hear your wife's texts about going to the aquarium in 10 minutes, and you miss out on real life (i.e. non-VR) stuff.

I am an iPhone user and Swift engineer across all of Apple's platforms. As such, I wrote a simple (and very unofficial) iOS app that is capable of forwarding incoming iOS notifications.

I would love to be able to create a background service app on the Quest that is capable of popping a notification regardless of which app I am in (hence the reference to the Low Battery & Wifi Connection Lost system-level notifications), and connecting my iOS notifications service to it.

This would allow me to, for instance, play Beat Saber and momentarily see incoming text messages so I can decide whether or not I should press pause and respond.
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