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Unity Vulkan (Quest): Discussion Thread

ShaomaiShaomai Posts: 4
This is the master thread for any discussion of Unity Vulkan in 2019.3


  • jonas.sandstedtjonas.sandstedt Posts: 1
    Probably have some incorrect settings, but get's this when trying to build:

    Error building Player: BuildFailedException: XR is currently not supported when using the Vulkan Graphics API. Please go to PlayerSettings and remove 'Vulkan' from the list of Graphics APIs.

  • DragnipurakeDragnipurake Posts: 2
    You have to comment out the check for Vulkan in the OVR scripts (where the error is triggered) since it checks if you have Vulkan enabled and stops the build since it thinks it's not supported.
  • Pierre_FRPierre_FR Posts: 37 Oculus Start Member
    With Unity 2019.3 and Vulkan enabled and XR Management installed. Hand tracking only works on the Editor. In the builds (for Quest), it's not working (hands are not viewable).
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