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TWD: Saints and Sinners BUG

larkuellarkuel Posts: 2

Im at the mission where you have to either kill JB, or Georgia.  I want to help JB and kill georgia.  JB comes down and we kill all the tower personnel including georgia.  The bug is that georgia doesn't die.  her body has the death animation, but her body skits around the map comically, under terrain and obstacles.  her gun still shooting until JB is dead.  Then the mission triggers that JB is dead.  She continues to shoot you after JB is dead, usually killing you with 2 head shots.  
I have tried the following. 

  • restarted the application
  • restarted the mission
  • checked to see i am up to date
  • looked to see if anyone else has had this issue.  (which no one that i can tell is, or at least have reported it.)
  • tried to find a place to report bugs for the game, but i can't find one so im here. 
I know i can get past it by killing JB, but i dont' want to, and i shouldn't have to.  has anyone else had this issue?  it is quite discouraging.  


  • larkuellarkuel Posts: 2
    This issue was resolved in the most recent update.  Thank you. 
  • howardsthowardst Posts: 1
    This is an action and horror vr game. Developed by Skybound Games, in this adventure you travel to New Orleans, where you have to escape the threat of zombies and other survivors.
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