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VRC.PC.Performance.7 - Unusual distortion

foobytefoobyte Posts: 4
edited February 11 in Store Submissions
VRC.PC.Performance.7 - Unusual distortion

I failed my app submission because of unusual distortion and I can't reproduce this problem. Has anyone ever had this and can give me any pointers?
I'm using Unity 2019.3.0f3 with Oculus Integration.
My Testsystem is an AMD Ryzen 3900x with GF 2060 Super. HMD is a Rift S. 
It runs silky smooth for me but the reviewer is reporting this image via the .oda


I'm somewhat lost as to how fix it if I can't reproduce it on my end. 

On my previous submission I failed due to performance 3 and 5. One of the fixes was to preload some of my heavy assets. I passed 3 & 5 but now 7 failed. Since the screenshot was taken at the beginning of the game (right after loading it seemed to get progressively worse until the final result shown above), maybe due to the heavy loading at start the whole app ran out of sync somehow? 

VRC.PC.Performance.7: The application has unusual distortion where it appears that multiple versions of the same screen are being overlayed and offset upon each other, making it so that users can not see the core gameplay of the application.


  • foobytefoobyte Posts: 4
    I had to get an AMD R9 290 to properly reproduce this issue.
    VRC.PC.Performance.7 is caused by using Adaptive Resolution, for whatever reason.
    I need this option to reach the required performance though. 

    Not sure why that option is causing issues. I'm now updating to the latest unity and occulus integration to see if it's a bug. 

    Anyone else knows why Adaptive Resolution causes distortion?
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