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Oculus Payment Page & PIN Payment - don't display anymore

Hedi.VRHedi.VR Posts: 1
We are developing an Oculus Go app, so we created a test user to test the in-app purchase (IAP) that redirect to Oculus Payment confirmation.
In the beginning, Oculus payment page ask us for PIN confirmation :) , and every purchase worked well.
But now (after some purchases : same SKU multiple times), the purchase is automatically confirmed without asking us PIN confirmation or display Oculus Payment Confirmation page. We do not have clicked on any "Remember my PIN" button or anything else.
How do we bring back the PIN confirmation payment and Oculus Payment Confirmation page for our test ?
We have tryied to unistall app & install it again ; change Test Cards (successful to failed) ; remove and add again Test Cards ; but nothing works because Oculus always accept the payment without asking us to enter the PIN confirmation.
We need this Oculus Payment Confirmation page & PIN confirmation, in order to see the IAP Name modifications we've made (Purchase "Name" labels updated).

PS : it is impossible to change PIN code for Users Test from the app or Oculus Dashboard.
Maybe we need to "Kill session" of the test user ? (But we are affraid that this action disconnect & reset the Oculus Go device and we will need to configure again User on Oculus Go.)
Waiting for your help to display again Oculus Payment Page & PIN confirmation via a simple action (withtout reset Oculus Go device).
Thank you for your help
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