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Hand physics Capsules not following the fingers


So I have a working project with the new version 13, when I tick "Enable Physics Capsules" in OVR Skeleton script, inside the OVRHandPrefab, the capsules behave wired.

So, as soon as the hands are detected, the capsules appear basically at the tip of the selected fingers (this, through the InteractableToolsSDKDriver, and the InteractableToolsCreator script), but as soon as I move my fingers, the position of the capsules remain the same, it doesnt update the position in relation to the finger, but it travels with the whole hand. I wonder if there is a bug regarding the attached parent?

Then, if I hide the hands, as soon as they appear again the capsules appear in the correct position of the finger tip, just to stay there again when the finger moves.

I am guessing this is not the desired behavior, right?

Thank you!


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