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Uploading PC Build

GigaSoraGigaSora Posts: 45 Oculus Start Member
Hey guys, just looking for some quick guidance here before I go and use a whole day trying to figure this out.

I'm trying to upload a PC (rift) build to my app's alpha channel and basically I was wondering what this process is. Also, I'm using Unity. It says upload binary, which is already confusing because Unity builds have many files. So do I .zip all the content then upload that zipped folder? Do I just upload the .exe file and the rest comes with it? What am I actually uploading? The question about firewall exceptions, is this just for any app that uses networking? And the redistributables, I'm not really sure what that means in general. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!



  • GigaSoraGigaSora Posts: 45 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 19
    Update: Looks like you zip all the contents and upload that. Networking can be done without firewall exceptions checked. If it causes a windows firewall pop up though, check it and it will fix this. And the redistributables are not necessary.
  • GigaSoraGigaSora Posts: 45 Oculus Start Member
    Pro Tip: Turn v sync off for your rift project. If on, your app will run at 60 fps on a 60hz monitor.
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