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Unity Hands not showing up in game

Im using Unity 2019.3.0f6, Oculus Integration 13.0 and my Quest is on version 13.0.0.

My problem is, when I build my scene to my Quest, the hands aren't showing, but I can still do the system gesture to close the program. I also tried the Traintestscene and the popup to enable hand tracking stays active even when I start the app with hands.




Hands Manager


I also tried to create Oculus store-compatible manifest but still, no hands showing:

<uses-feature android:name="" android:required="true" /><uses-permission android:name="oculus.permission.handtracking" />

When debugging with Oculus Link, I found out that the variable IsTracked stays false. But the weird thing is, that I still can apply the Home gesture in game.

I find this very weird because I already did 2 other Oculus Handtracking Projects, and had no problems but since a week, I cant set up a new Handtracking project.
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