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Audio on the Oculus Quest has faster speed and higher pitch when exported from UE4


I am working with Unreal Engine 4.22.3 and Oculus Quest. The voice of my characters (wav files) is fine when I test on my desktop through UE4 or any other software. However, it is not the same when I export to the Oculus Quest. In the Quest the voices are faster and with a higher pitch. They sound like chipmunks. What can be causing this?

I'm exporting my audio from Audible as a "WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM" and I simply drag and drop the file into Unreal Engine Content folder to import it. Here is a screenshot of the details from the audio file. I hope this has an easy answer. It is the first time I put a voice to actors in VR. Your help would be very much appreciated! Thanks

*No errors or warnings are shown either


  • ebody-artefactsebody-artefacts Posts: 2
    Hi cesar.

    Try down-sampling your audio files to 44,100. It should do the trick.
  • cesar3dartistcesar3dartist Posts: 14
    Hi cesar.

    Try down-sampling your audio files to 44,100. It should do the trick.
    I updated to 4.24 and that fixed it. It broke other things but the audio was fixed with the recent updates. 
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