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Developer Automation - How to bypass the "Controllers Required"

kevin_irisvrkevin_irisvr Posts: 3
edited March 6 in Oculus Quest Development
I've taken a while to setup quest automation as part of our build process as a sanity test with end to end functionality. The test works by pushing apk to device and then running a scene that teleports around and does a few things without the need for the touch controllers (however we had to figure out how to enable the proximity sensor as I couldn't find adb commands to keep the screen on during the tests).

After a recent Oculus Quest update within the past few months (I was out on vacation), our automation is failing to launch our test scene in the apk because Oculus Home is showing a "Controllers Required" dialog that waits for controllers to be active. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to bypass this.
For exact wording, the dialog is:

"Controllers Required"
"Please pick up your controllers and select Continue to use this app."
"Cancel" "Continue"

1. I was hoping there would be a to disable this similarly to how we can disable the guardian from the developer menu but no luck. Can this be added or is there another recommended way to get around this?
2. Is there something that can be set in the manifest (from unity) to disable this requirement? I haven't looked into sdk changes of the unity plugin yet and will do so. I'm hoping that this isn't required though as that means I can never run older builds of our app for perf testing.



  • kevin_irisvrkevin_irisvr Posts: 3
    Turns out the disabling Experimental Features-> Hand Tracking resolved this issue. I disabled it yesterday after a recommendation from a dev and triggered a few builds with the batteries out of the controllers with success.
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