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Use Oculus Quest as Rift for Unity Developement

max9481max9481 Posts: 4
for faster compilation time and for console output i would really like to use my Oculus Quest as Oculus Rift over the USB 3.0 Cable connected to my computer in unity. I know that I can run virtual reality games on my computer and stream them to my Oculus Quest via Oculus Link.
How can I enable the feature to stream to my Quest in the Unity Editor when I hit the play button.
I found a discussion from 2019 that is maybee outdated: 
The official Site does not mention a possibility to use the quest inside unitys editor:
I currently can not paste the links because this is my first post here.

Best Answer

  • max9481max9481 Posts: 4
    Accepted Answer
    Solved it. See the link: link...
    I added Oculus Plugin to XR Plugin Managment and enabled it. I have also a link but i am not oculusvr com does not allow me to post it. it is in the unity forum.


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 983
    You can absolutely use the unity editor with quest link but a few factors come into play with compatibility. To help diagnose why its not working start by posting the following:
    -unity version
    -oculus home runtime version
    -quest os version
    -gpu & gpu driver version
  • max9481max9481 Posts: 4
    my unity version is 2019.2.17f1.
    oculus Desktop Application: Oculus-App-Version (
    Quest Os is latest version: Systemversion: 5072400209400000
    There is also another entry version:
    I have a nvidia GTX 970 with driver 432.00

    But how do i set up unity for using the quest as a rift?
    These are my steps but it does not work.
    create a new 3d unity File
    import oculus framework from unity asset store
    delete main Camera
    drag OVRPlayerController to scence
    Add plane and cube to scene to see a 3d object later in VR.
    Edit the Player Settings in unity Settings after restart of unity
         Edit Player Settings int the "PC, Mac & Linux Standanlone" tab:
              enabled "Virtual Reality Supported" Checkbox in the XR Settings
              in the virtual Reality SDKs is at the top position "Oculus" with enabled Shared Depth Buffer and endabled Dash Support.
              under that is OpenVR

    "Stereo Rendering Mode*" is set to "Multi Pass"
    "Vuforia Augmented Reality Supported*" is unchecked
    "360 Stereo Capture" is unchecked.

    if i change to the Windows tab and go to the XR Settings, I can not add Oculus to the Virtual Reality SDKs.
    What am I doing wrong?
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