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Oculus doesn't track in a dark space

mariomaguemariomague Posts: 1
I wansnt sure where to post this, I mean, it isnt an issue or like that but it taked my attention, I don't know how the tracking works in the Oculus rift s, but I'm aware that in a space that is very dim or dark it doesn't track well, so, I was thinking about if in a next version of the Oculus they would incorpore a light in the Oculus itself, I mean, not a light that is annoying or like that, im talking about an infrared light, or like that, cause those one's are only sensible by the camera and not the human eye, so, if the tracking works with the light that is in the space, the Oculus having a light itself would be nice(? I think

I'm not an engineer, or like that, but I did build a camera that has ""nightvision"" cause it has a infrared light built in, nothing weird, but I was curious if that would be the answer with the Oculus tracking in a place without any light
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