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Hand Tracking no longer working while hands are moving

GetFingerPinchStrength() is not updating, even when my hands are moving even a little. My hand needs to be completely still before it updates a value. This never used to be the case, i had been using PinchStrength all the time to get snappy interactions, but since new updates? performance is considerably worse. Any help?


  • UpUpDnDnUpUpDnDn Posts: 1
    I can confirm that I'm seeing the same behavior with GetFingerPinchStrength() on a hand that is moving when using the following versions: Unity v2019.2.10f1, OVRPlugin v1.45.0, SDK v1.46.0. 

    The hand mesh and bones do keep updating correctly while moving, so you might be able to use either of those to manually detect a pinch gesture.  Hopefully this is considered a bug and it gets fixed in a future version, but it's possible that the API is doing this intentionally to prevent detection of unintended pinches while the hands are moving and the detection is less stable.  If that is the case I would ask that the API be updated to give us the option of using either the "raw" or "safe" pinch strength.

  • SoakingRichSoakingRich Posts: 8
    Yes please re-enable the raw data. My game has been rendered completely unplayable atm due to this, ill have to try to get the manual data as per this suggestion
  • SoakingRichSoakingRich Posts: 8
    edited March 21

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