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Unreal Engine MacOS Install Guide for Oculus Quest Help

Metaverse-AdventuresMetaverse-Adventures Posts: 18
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edited March 21 in Unreal Development


Could someone please link me to the Official Oculus Unreal on MacOS Installation guide for the Quest OR tell me it is simply not a supported option by Oculus.  

I have tinkered with Unreal Engine on the DK2 and Rift in the past on a Windows machine and found the install and first launch/build to be a snap. This time around I am on MacOS and developing for the Quest and OMFG it has been a total train wreck so far. I found a recent YouTube video on Unreal for Quest development on MacOS, but when I go to Launch or Build my app, I get errors. I watched the video 3 times and triple checked  that I did everything correctly. Other commenters I noticed had simailr issues so I thought I would come to the source and find the Oculus Official Installation guide for Unreal on MacOS for Quest. I cannot locate.  
Thanks for all your help to get me up and running.


  • Metaverse-AdventuresMetaverse-Adventures Posts: 18
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    Quiet in here :-(
  • Metaverse-AdventuresMetaverse-Adventures Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    Why is the Unreal support for Oculus Quest so absent?  I cannot find an installation guide anywhere on these Oculus Development pages other than generic tips. Where is the step by step? I found an install video by tejw2012, but when I go to Launch, I am getting all sorts of JDK and SDK errors.  I am on MacOS Catalina.
  • nynexlanynexla Posts: 3
    Im on Mac running Catalina as well, crickets. I am just trying to get VR preview working. But I feel you need to run the OCULUS Desktop which is pc only.
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