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Getting Both touch controllers to interact with Unity UI

greggmangreggman Posts: 6
Brain Burst
I have one touch controller working with Unity UI. I'm was using the HandedInputSelector from Oculus/SampleFramework/Code/DebugUI/Scripts/HandedInputSelector.cs  It only supports one controller at a time. I'd like to support 2 controllers. What do I need to do to get both controllers to manipulate the UI?

What I thought might work is I disabled the HandedInputSelector script. Then on the EventSystem object that had an OVRInputModule I added a second OVRInputModule. The first has its rayTranform set to the right hand, the other to the left. For the left I duplicated the LaserPointer and assigned the "cursor" property of the second OVRInputModule to that LaserPointer duplicate. The original LaserPointer has a LaserPointer script with a Cursor Visual reference to a sphere. So I duplicated the sphere as well and pointed the second LaserPointer to the 2nd sphere.

And, nothing. No pointer comes out of the second controller and no interaction.

What should I do to get both controllers to manipulate UI?

I'm on Unity 2019.3.6 with the 14.0 version of the Oculus asset from the unity asset store (2020 March 14th)
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