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when will oculus tools be improved?

Hello, can someone explain to me why oculus has not included in its vr development options for unity or unreal, the essential options for VR ????
-A simple and effective haptic feedback ?!
-A simple change of skin or mesh for the hands ?!
-A UI system by pressing with your finger or hand ?!
And so on
We are entering a new generation of VR, steam already has all that!


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 926
    1) Thats already there, dont know how much more simple it can get
    2) Oculus uses their avatar system, so unless you're using that you have to make your own. These will be replaced by horizon avatars eventually so if you want control, roll your own.
    3) This goes beyond the scope of a vr specific SDK, and there's a bunch of 3rd party libraries for it if you cant do it yourself

    Learn to do this on your own and you wont be tied to someone elses decisions :)
  • manuchachinoimanuchachinoi Posts: 5
    Hello, I'm on my third multiplayer game, I use vrik, vrtk ... I already did my scripts for the vibration and also using the very good vibration helper for oculus, I modified my avatar with handy pose ... In short I know the problems very well, I would just like to know why there is nothing simple as in steamvr and especially what I say is that these options should be integrated without having to go through third party apps. ..
    I would like to point out that haptic clip has been exceeded for 2 years already and it is still not replaced from the oculus library !?
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