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Where are Oculus Rooms hosted?

SaltielSaltiel Posts: 2
edited March 24 in Platform SDK Development
Hi everyone,
Currently trying to figure out if I will use Photon or Oculus Platform for a multi user app.
Reading the doc, I'm not sure how the Oculus Platform Room system is handled: are rooms hosted on facebook servers, or is it relying on P2P? Or do we need to provide our own server?
Considering using Oculus Platform as it seems easier to synchronize avatars etc with it.
Thanks for your help :)


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 926
    you should be using both really. Oculus rooms only allows for some very basic data exchange, if you want more than a couple oculus avatars moving around you'l need something like photon to handle that. This is even more crucial if you want to release on other platforms since you can only use oculus rooms through the oculus platform
  • SaltielSaltiel Posts: 2
    Thanks for this very helpful answer MikeF!
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