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FIXED Oculus version of Unreal lighting error.

FeroxDFeroxD Posts: 41
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edited March 24 in Unreal Development
Hello, i downloaded the Oculus unreal engine 4.24 (https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine/tree/4.24) for developing with the splash screens or loading screens in Oculus quest. But i have the lighting issue i cannot build lighting with that eror:

5:01:07 PM: [Interface:CacheAllFiles] Failed to cache the executable: D:\UE4\OculusEngine\UnrealEngine\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealLightmass.exe
5:01:07 PM: [Job] AddTask: Rejected, cannot add a task to a running 

Please if someone knows how to fix if write.


  • FeroxDFeroxD Posts: 41
    Brain Burst

    You should open the engine from the "UE4.sln" >> find the "UnrealLightmass" >> right click and Build like on the image:

    And I hope it's will be helpful for someone.
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