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Beginner question on Input button press actions...

StickynizzleStickynizzle Posts: 3
In unreal engine...
I have been looking into this for the past couple of days (I promise i have not lazely come straight to a forum with the first problem i came across).
The Doll in this image has an animation which begins to cycle when you press play. (It spins, animated in blender).

My current ambition is to point at it and get it to play animation with a button press, In an ideal world i would be able to pause and resume the animation too.

I Have looked into animation montages (even made one), I have viewed and read up on various "Play on button press tutorials"
But i cant seem to get it. I would GREATLY appreciate some advice on this.
If you have done something like this or could help in any way please enlighten me. Im having a very hard time with this.

Is there a fairly standard BP layout ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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